Learning from an Entrepreneur from Spain - Apr 15,2009

Yesterday afternoon I joined a seminar at DAD asia with around 40 entrepreneurs. It has quite a few highlights I want to share with you.

1. They facilitated through infographics as a tool to communicate, which is very mind-opening

2. Now is a very good time for internet business to build bigger customer base as the cost to acquire single customer is getting lower and lower

3. It all come to speed for an internet startup to build "barriers" for the copiers, you have to be speedy and flexible to be ahead for 6 or 9 month

4. Be specific and measurable with every goal you set for your business, if you have not seen it clearly and monitor it constantly, you won't be there

And one typical mistake entrepreneurs made is no clear definition of role and responsibilities for each partner, which leads to partnership falling apart
By Twinsen Wu

August Meeting summary - Sep, 4th 2008

Know yourself - understand your own strengths and weaknesses not only can help you avoid spending tons of time developing your natural born weaknesses, but also help you choose people you want to work with and the effective way you work with them.

Skillful goal setting - set personal/business goal somewhat above your current limitation but not too high to discourage yourself often.

Written plan - when planning, anticipate your obstacles and prepare solutions for them, at least you are mentally ready for adverse when you inevitably run into them. Still don't
forget Darwin's law, adaptive to changes as needed, don't count on your plan too much!

Product design VS Customer needs - It's very effective when customer using their own money to send the message to you ( I need that product!), a case shows, even well-designed customer
focus group can proven wrong sometime, because they don't need to pay for their choice! Personally I found the best combination of product/service always invented by my Customer
instead of me!

SEG summary Aug 2008 By Twinsen

New Facebook Group Active - Aug, 2008

The Shanghai Entrepreneur Group has use a Facebook Group to communicate meeting information and summary, please join us at You will find many SEG members' on facebook already. Including me - Twinsen.

Hope to see you soon at recent SEG meeting!

By Twinsen Wu , Aug 23, 2008

New Blog Launched

The Shanghai Entrepreneur Group has launched a new blog, Shanghai Enrepreneurs. If you would like to contribute topics, please let Maria know ( and she'll add you as a writer. Meanwhile, anyone can post comments (registration is free, we don't allow anonymous comments so as to keep out spammers).

Twinsen Wu Elected 2007 SEG President

Long-time SEG member Twisen Wu was elected 2007 SEG President on Nov. 29, in a hotly contested four-way race. Previously active as an SEG organizer, Wu had a well developed plan for the future of the SEG and, in an inclusive gesture, immediately asked the other candiates for president to serve on the board of directors. All agreed.

It was a "snap" election -- attendees of the meeting broke up into pairs, each pair chose a candidate, and the non-running member made a campaign speech in favor of his candidate. After the first round of voting, the two candidates with the most votes stood up and spoke on behalf of themselves. It was a close race -- the top three vote-getters were only a vote or two apart.

Letter from Twinsen Wu

Twinsen Wu

It is my honor to be elected to lead this group next year. I am a strategic thinker as well as a result-oriented activist. Together we can make this group more beneficial to us.

We will set up a group blog in order to enhance the promotion of SEG and help attract new members through more visit traffic.

We are looking for new venues , so please each of you send me what ever options you have in mind. Our ideal place would be free of charge, with a separate room capable of holding 20 or more people, and the opportunity to order food or drinks. But please do not limit your recommendations.

Finally, after the charter of our group has been published, before next January meeting, the main focus of each board member will be finalized. The board members are Maria, Alex, Elson, and Sunny, with Paul Qu as the Independent Director.

Presidential Elections

It's getting close to the end the year, and so it's time to pick the 2007 SEG President. The ideal candidate will have the time and energy to devote to taking the group to the next level -- and a committment to enrepreneurship. Or an interest in entpreneurship.

The issue will be discussed, and candidates can step forward, at the November SEG event at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 666 Fuzhou Lu (near People's Square) at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 29.


September Coffee Bean meeting

About twenty people turned out for the September Coffee Bean meeting on Fuzhou Lu. We met a few new members, such as Toffler Niemuth, who runs a business offering Shanghai shopping tours to foreign visitors.

Many old members also came out to catch up and talk about how their businesses were going. There were also new business plans discussed, which will be heard in more detail in October.

Maria Trombly led the meeting, and asking for volunteers to help with events and to serve on an election committee to select a new president for next year.

New member Toffler Niemuth, left.
Coffee Bean
Daniel Benefield, right.

Coffee Bean
Paul Qu, left.

Coffee Bean
A new member.

August Coffee Bean Meeting

Gemme (foreground)

It was a small meeting the last week of summer, with several new members and a lively discussion of the Chinese educational marketplace. Michael Butler talked about his "No More than Four" plan for teaching English to young children.

Maria Trombly led the meeting, immediately after returning from a month back in the United States.

butlerMichael Butler (foreground)

There were also introductions of newcomers to the group, and updates on projects the long-term members are working on.

There was no update from the events planning committee, since none of its members were able to make the meeting. As a result, there was no news about the status of the September event, which was thereby cancelled and replaced with a regular Coffee Bean get-together.


July Coffee Bean Meeting

Paul Qu led this meeting, which was dedicated to a discussion of the book "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman.


June Coffee Bean meeting

Zhongsu Chen
New SEG board member Zhongsu Chen


Zhongsu Chen, a venture capitalist and former executive at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, joined the SEG board this month.

Speaking before about 15 people who came to the June 30 SEG Coffee Bean meeting, he talked about his experience at the Exchange, as a venture capitalist, and with running business clubs in New York City.

"You see people become successful, and you think, 'I can do it, too,'" he said.

According to Chen, it was the personal relationships formed as a result of working on club committees together that helped many Chinese-Americans he knew in New York City ten years ago to rise to the top ranks of their companies, or to start their own firms. Many are now running multinational corporations' China divisions, he added.

2006 Coffee Bean Meetings Scheduled

Coffee BeanOur next Coffee Bean meeting is the last Wednesday of this month, on Wednesday, June 28, at 7 p.m. at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 666 Fuzhou Lu (corner of Fuzhou Lu and Yunnan Lu). Paul Qu will be moderating, and everyone will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, their projects, and ask the group for advice if they are looking for it.

RSVPs for the monthly Coffee Bean gatherings are encouraged, but not necessary, to Dani Cao:

Jamie Zong, Eric Meade joined 20 others at the May Coffee Bean gathering. Click for more photos.


We will be meeting every last Wednesday of the month, same time, same place. Here are the dates for the rest of 2006: Wednesday, July 26 • Wednesday, August 30 • Wednesday, September 27 • Wednesday, October 25 • Wednesday, November 29 • and Wednesday, December 27 (for those of us stuck alone in Shanghai over the holidays)

In addition to these regular get-togethers, we will be holding seminars and other events on the second Wednesday of each month, place and topic to be announced later.

2006 President Selected

Maria Trombly


Maria Trombly was chosen as this year's SEG president after a completely undemocratic process at the April Coffee Bean get-together. One of the first items on her agenda is to create a successful plan so that the 2007 president is chosen in a fair and open way.

Last year, Trombly served as auditor for the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club. She's also served as president of the New England chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and as chair of the SPJ's International Journalism Committee. She was also treasurer of the New England local of the National Writers Union.

She heads a company, incorporated in Hong Kong, which provides business articles to dozens of leading trade publications in the US and other countries, including Computerworld, Managing Automation, Securities Industry News, CIO Magazine, and Furniture Today.

Mailing List Struggles

Google logoThe SEG current has three different email lists -- with Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups, and a third list stored in an Excel spreadsheet.

We're trying to clear up this confusion and the attendant communication problems by standardizing everything on one list -- with Google Groups -- which seems to have the best access in China. As soon as we straighten things out, we'll be sending an announcement to everybody.

2005 Board

SEG board members Fall, 2005


Last year's board members continue to be active in the Shanghai Entrepreneur Group. Gary Shaben, far right, is President Emeritus, and we hope that he'll be able to find time to continue to serve on our board of directors along with Paul Qu, 2004 SEG President.

The board put together some great events in 2005 in addition to the regular coffee hours. We hope to continue that tradition this year and the next. Please see the archive pages for photos from past events.

Last meeting  June 24th, 2009 @
Coffee Bean meeting, 7 p.m. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 666 Fuzhou Lu
Every last Wednesday of the Month, 19:00 to 21:00 @
Coffee Bean meeting, 7 p.m. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 666 Fuzhou Lu



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