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May 2006 Coffee Bean Meeting


Jamie Zong, Eric Meade joined 20 others at the May Coffee Bean gathering. Click for more photos.

More than 20 people attended the May 31 montly Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gathering on Fuzhou Lu. The Group met new president Maria Trombly, and volunteer administrator Dani Cao. We celebrated the three year anniversary of the group with founder Paul Qu. Johnnie distributed survey forms to club members.

This meeting was the best-attended SEG coffee gathering of the past few months, but there was still enough time to go around and do individual "elevator introductions" and question-and-answers.

Several new people came to the event, including textile exporter Hussene Keshavjee of Kescoor and textile designer Filiz Han, software engineer Jamie Zong, clothing designer Janet Su, freelance writer Bill Marcus, and Felix Lai of GoldSAC, who helps foreign companies set up business operations in China. ... more ...

May 2006 Board Meeting

Five SEG volunteers met on Friday, May 19, to discuss the future direction of the club. Attendees included Paul Qu, founder and president emeritus, Melissa Rollins, Dani Cao, Johnny Zhao, and new president Maria Trombly. Dani Cao volunteered to handle administration and member communications as well as logistics for events. Melissa Rollins volunteered to handle the second Wednesday events. Johnny Zhao volunteered to survey our members about their interests and goals for the club. Paul Qu volunteered to moderate next week's Coffee Bean gathering, with Melissa's help. ... more...

November 2005 Film Screening

"A STATE OF MIND" Film screening and networking with 80+ members of SE, SCAN, and Rotaract. This film depicted the story of 2 North Korean schoolgirls and their families in the lead up to the Mass Games – the biggest and most elaborate human performance on earth.

It gave a rare glimpse into one of the world’s least known societies and North Korea's strict communist ideals, their philosophy known as the Juche Idea and the worship of the Kim dynasty: Kim II Sung, their Eternal President who died in 1994 (still Head of State) & his son successor Kim Jong II ('the General'). Film website:

November 25 Venture Capital Forum



SE & IandI joined to host a Venture Capital Panel Forum

When two Silicon Valley VCs partner with China-based investment firms it's a trend, when a third does, it's a movement. At this point, we can call it a stampede. A stream of US venture firms are now seeking partners in the Middle Kingdom.

As a counter-measure, China has just launched a drive to create a domestic venture capital industry to fund companies in high-growth sectors such as technology. The move is likely to increase competition and reduce returns for foreign private equity groups. The initiative by the National Development and Reform Commission, China's chief economic planning body, is designed to foster homegrown venture capitalists by offering them better tax treatment and easier exit routes than foreign rivals.



Moderated by Warwick John Fahy and led by a panel of industry experts from leading and specialist VCs and VC Consulting firms, we discussed the current landscape for investments into home-grown companies and then open up the floor for an interactive session of questions and answers.

: 50 Rmb including refreshments
Venue: Haworths Shanghai Creativity Center - 5/F, One Corporate Avenue, No. 222 Hu Bin Road


panel panel panel panel


Warwick John Fahy
SE Attendees listening
Warwick speaking
A question
image image
Gemme VanHasselt Paul Qu & Daniel Benefield

Warwick John Fahy asked:"Could someone clearly explain your business proposition after you have explained it to them? A day later? One month later?". Why did he ask?

In super-competitive, crowded markets like China you absolutely must be memorable - to your key customer prospects, investors, partners, prospective team, etc. Warwick spoke about how to develop your own elevator pitch, to make a 5 second pitch and to discover how a NEON pitch can help you in effective networking.

This was an interactive, hands-on, engaging activitydesigned to help entrepreneurs and professionals communicate more in less time.

Warwick John Fahy
Warwick John Fahy is the CEO of Shanghai-based Teamswork, a company which helps organisations to build more effective to overcome both cultural and communicative barriers.

Warwick has 11 years of experience in Asia including China, Singapore and Taiwan province. He has been helping companies and individuals to increase the quality of their communication since 1994.

He is a distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), and has also won Toastmasters contests in both 2002 and 2005. He is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and the XL Results Foundation.



September 2005: Meeting With Government Officials

Michael J Rosenthal
Joyce, Dave and Michael
Maria Trombly, foreign correspondent
Michael J Rosenthal & Claude Moreno Ramil Cueto & Leah Jiang
Michael J Rosenthal & Paul Qu Image
Attendees discussing Gaetan LeBars , Joyce Gu  & Gary Shaben

Entrepreneurs must make positive impressions in China in Government, with potential Investors, customers and partners. Michael's years of experience in Government helps him to explain how to make positive first contact & open doors for yourself.


Michael is the CEO of Daylight International Holding Co and lives in Shanghai.

He was fomerly the Minister of Justice, in Koror, Palau from March of 2001 to Dec of 2004. As Minister of Justice, he was the Presidential cabinet member responsible for national law enforcement policy and overseeing operation of Ministry of Justice which included many public services divisions, has approximately 200 employees and a yearly budget in excess of USD $3.6 million.

Prior to this appointment, he was a Special Prosecutor in Palau and a trial attorney in Washington, D.C. for the Us government.






June 2005 Leadership Change

In June of 2005, Paul Qu passed on the reins to Gary Shaben. Shanghai Entrepreneurs then adopted a vision to evolve far beyond the coffee shop. Also at this time, the public meeting website we had used since 2003, became suddenly blocked by China DNS servers. The majority of our database became forfeit as well as the communication and scheduling platform that we had long enjoyed. Our database and website had to be rebuilt.


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