About Shanghai Entrepreneur Group

Shanghai Entrepreneurs began in 2003, when a handful of entrepreneurs created an web group on a popular online group website.

We originally met at a coffee shop and collaborated on common business issues relating to doing business in China.

It was there that our roots took hold and we have met at least once, every month since.

Our mission

To build a mutually supportive environment to help entrepreneurs grow and find business opportunities here in Shanghai, in China.

Who we are

We are self starters, we are motivated, we plan and organize, we make decisions,
we get along with others. We are entrepreneurs!

We believe in teamwork. Even in Stone Age, people needed to work in teams to ensure successful hunting. Today, we hunt for new kinds of opportunities, but working with other entrepreneurs still helps us draw on one another's skills and abilities.

We believe in starting small but starting early. Action brings power, take solid actions toward your dream. Get started right away!
Take careful control of your risk. You'll learn by doing.

We Believe in participation. Being a member of the Shanghai Entrepreneur Group means mroe than showing up to meetings. It means speaking up and sharing your experiences, leading seminars, posting on our message boards, hosting events. As in business, and as in life, the more you give, the more you get.


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